Business Development Architecture

LEOPORT offers consultation & business development plans for companies in the supply chain market. Our mission is to change and fully utilize the technological capacity in our industry, thus, we finally made it possible for startups and medium-size companies to prosper within the supply chain operations and trade exchange.

It`s a turning point for your business, as we are seeking to improve the performance and efficiency of the value chain through our accelerated programs which are customized according to your business needs.
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You will get the chance to know all about our digital effective tools to accelerate and facilitate your journey between supply chains and the export process according to market requirements and international trade procedures. It can be very rewarding, especially as it weighs your value in the modern technological market.

This will also change your supply chain entirely; giving you the value proposition you are seeking to be part of the successful industry leaders.

How is it done?

Our Process


First, we start with studying your situation and highlighting the weakness & strengths points.


Then we focus on identifying the needs and the missing baseline for your business.


The third step includes a detailed strategic plan for your business with the best practice, to fully expand.

Following up

Guiding you through our acceleration tools and quality checks to pave the way for your business to grow internationally.


This Process includes

With our professional team, you will receive a full detailed analysis of your current situation, which will help you address the requirements your business needs.

This plan will guide you through different strategies and options that suit your business to achieve the best outcomes.

Your business will also get a deeper look into our insightful tools. With these tools, you will reach the maximum technological advancement.

We offer you a variety of options that can meet your needs in different stages to always keep you up to date.

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Our Pricing

Pricing may vary starting starts from 150 - 500 US dollars depending on your business.

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