Receiving and Checking Your Order

Receiving a free of defects and on-time shipment is essential for your business, your order delivery can affect your process up to your sales revenue cycle, and we understand the importance of inspecting and reviewing the shipment before receiving.

Thus, our role here in LEOPORT is to check your full shipment before delivery, With the help of our inspection teams, we review the standardization of specific quality, the compatibility with the agreed on specification, and we also check the handling process flow.

And of course, searching for any defective or damaged products in the shipment, to avoid any losses that might be caused by the supplier.

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Our assigned specialized inspection committee is familiar with all the standards measurements to deal with any fraudential situation.

This service is crucial for the supplier to comply with the required product standards and quality, knowing that the shipment will be inspected and reviewed by a specialized committee before payment.

How is it done?

Our Process


We collect information about the quality standards needed for this shipment, along with the delivery dates.


Then we visit the supplier location and start our checking process for all of the previous step conclusions in a detailed manner.

On-site Verification

Through our concurrent visits, The verification process is divided into sections to ensure complete verification for all of our metrics.

Final Reporting

For the final step, we provide a report about the shipment status, including the number of faulty products, quality measurements, conform specifications, and any delays noted.


This report includes

You will receive photos from different angles for the shipment and high-quality products compared to defective ones.
Videos will also cover the full shipment packaging, transfer, and detailed quality specifications.
For this point, we make sure you are fully aware of different quantities or measurements, in addition to defining products with measurable manufacturing defects.
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Our Pricing

Pricing may vary starting starts from 150 - 600 US dollars depending on the location of the supplier and the product type.

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