Consolidation of Shipments

Did you ever find yourself stuck in a situation where you ordered different shipments and one shipment is delayed than the others or you have to wait much longer to collect shipments from different suppliers, which caused lots of losses and massive delays in the production?

In LEOPORT, our major goal is to facilitate your business and help you succeed in the market, and we sure know that you can`t succeed without efficient handling, Thus, with the help of our partners, we were able to present the consolidated shipment service for you.

Shipment Consolidation is a process whereby several loads shipped to the same location are grouped or consolidated into one shipment and then sent together to their destination. The shipment is delivered straight to the destination with minimal handling in transit.
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Consolidation is an effective strategy for fast, cost-effective delivery. A consolidation strategy can help you get your shipments where they need to be on time. Through our consolidation partners’ warehouses, we group several shipments from different suppliers and combine them into larger and cheaper lots.
This can help you save time, effort, and definitely huge costs. Consolidated shipping uses a method that is not only more economical, but also significantly reduces the number of product re-transactions since the shipment only has to move between the supplier, the consolidation center, and your location.
How is it done?

Our Process


First, we start with receiving the full information about your different shipments and expected delivery time.


Then we communicate with each supplier to start the handling process & run checks to assure before handling.


Then we start the main process which includes transforming your smaller shipments into the warehouse to be consolidated.

Final Reporting

After verifying once more, We start our delivery process and you can track your consolidated shipment through the full process.


This Process includes

We run checks to your consolidated shipment twice, once, before handling in the supplier destination & once again after assembly in the warehouses, these checks assure the delivery of your consolidated shipment with all the specs specified.

This calculation helps you decide the full cost/benefit ratios that you are searching for to take your decision.

We don`t only run checks, we keep an eye on the full shipment through every phase to guarantee the quality of service and avoid any damages that might affect the shipment.
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Our Pricing

Pricing may vary starting starts from 150 US dollars depending on the shipment.

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