SCM Software Architecture

The supply chain can be overwhelming, and without a proper software, you can suffer from major consequences. A lack of efficiency can delay your business’s daily processes affecting your relationship with clients, suppliers, and partners, which eventually affects your entire business, causing lots of damage to your profits and brand name.

In LEOPORT we have the solution for you,
as we are working on developing Supply Chain Management ( SCM ) suitable software architecture for any project.

We deliver the SCM software according to the special requirements of your business. With our business model, we cover the full supply chain process from A to Z facilitating your daily transactions & helping you optimize your quality.

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How is it done?

Our Process


We analyze the situation to develop the needs of your business, creating customized measures that cover the pain points.


Then we focus on the design of the software with its initial approaches according to the proposed user story and UX Metrics.


We make sure that the software is aligned with the interests of the business & offers a friendly user experience.

Technical Support

For the final step, we provide full technical support, Documentation & training for the SCM software to ensure the continuity of the product.

Our Pricing

Pricing may vary depending on the business requirements.

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