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Finding the right product for you to sell, might be tricky sometimes, that`s why we made sure you find what you need. With our team of professionals, you can now enter the market with a steady ground as we conduct full detailed research with all the technical specs needed for any product you want.

We – LEOPORT – provide you with a dedicated equipped team that holds all the tools & experience needed to cover it all.
Now you can fully focus on developing your product and start planning ahead, while we help you pick the right product and the best supplier at the same time.

We offer you a full detailed comparison that helps you find your right product without falling into the trap of faulty products or extra expenses as our reports cover everything you would need to know before choosing your final product.
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How is it done?

Our Process


Defining the product​, strategically studying the aspects & collecting every detail about the specific product.​


Then we start communicating with factories, suppliers and even buyers to study the full profitability.

On-site Verification

The third step for us is to arrange visits to check the quality, discuss pricing, and run company verification.

Final Reporting

providing you with the full details that you can depend on to take your decision with a complete conviction.


This report includes

All the technical ratios needed for the product will be included to save you time dealing with the complicated specs part of your product.

Photos with dimensions and different angles are included to give you a better perspective of what to expect exactly.

The recommendation part gives you a glance at our perspective and the best way to deal with your product, this can also help you in your final decision.

Videos aim to transfer a live image from the sites for you to form an idea and a complete imagination of the company & product.

This calculation helps you decide the full cost/benefit ratios that you are searching for to take your decision.

Pricing here plays a key role that’s why we provide the full pricing details for each product you need, including the administrative and any hidden fees.

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Our Pricing

Pricing may vary starting from 25 Up to 300 dollars, depending on the size, info, and product that the customer aquires.

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