Supplier Verification

When it comes to dealing with suppliers, most people find it really hard to make a decision, or even worse; They decide to make a decision based on basic information provided by the supplier itself, only to avoid all the attached hassle.
Even the businesses that give priority to choosing suppliers can be confused by the different available options and neglect important factors. eventually, they fail to choose the right supplier.

Unfortunately, this urgency can cause lots of major businesses losses as a result of being tempted by the low pricing offers or the dependence on the word of mouth.

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Our main focus in LEOPORT became concentrated on finding a solution for this dilemma, so we assigned a specialized team of professionals to verify the legality and information provided by the supplier through checking companies and their factories.

This team validates all quotations proposed by the supplier to rule out any possibility of fraud, and to prevent evasion after the agreement.

 This would help businesses shortcut a long road in finding a suitable supplier to deal with along your production journey and of course, eliminate any fraud or a deal with an uncommitted supplier.

How is it done?

Our Process


Starting with Studying the suppliers that need verification & collect data about every one of them.


Then communicating with all the suppliers to get the exposure needed to define the full profitability.


The third step is to arrange visits to check the supplier validation & run factories verification.


Providing you with the full information collected and our final recommendations with all the details that you can depend.


This report includes

Photos of the supplier location covering all main areas to get a documented perspective on the supplier environment itself.

Videos aim to transfer a live image from the factories’ manufacturing and production lines for you to form an idea of both the supplier methodology & the quality of the product itself.

We compare the supplier pricing with the market and present an estimate of the full pricing details for each supplier, including the administrative and any hidden fees.
We propose our opinion about the supplier a glance at our perspective and the best way to deal with each supplier; this can also help you in your final decision.
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Our Pricing

Pricing may vary starting starts from 150 - 300 US dollars depending on the location of the supplier.

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