Supply of products

At LEOPORT, we understand the importance of each product for your production, and eventually for your business. And we are capable to help you find your product in no time. Also, if you can`t decide which product to go with, we can recommend the best quality options that suit your needs and achieve the successful benefit/cost equation.
We deliver products all over the world, with an integrated service from the point you select your product to the point of delivery. All you need to do is to provide your product information with all the specifications required.

We can supply all kinds of products, including agricultural, industrial, and handicraft.

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How is it done?

Our Process


The first step includes collecting all the info about your product & its specifications.


In the second step, we run all our checks to select the products that conform to the specifications.


The third step includes delivering a report that contains all the available products that match your requirements.


After deciding which option, you will go with. You will then receive a specific delivery date for your shipment arrival.


This Process includes

You will receive a detailed report that contains all the product options that align with your business needs.

We offer you a variety of options that can meet your needs, but we definitely help you make the decision according to your preferences.

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Our Pricing

Pricing may vary starting from 150 US dollars depending on the product.

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