About Us

Who are we?

LEOPORT, Launched in 2018

upon the idea of developing export systems, we made our minds into exploiting digital transformation in our favor.

As we believe we can be part of our partners’ success, through our methodology you can reach your goal with efficiency and ease.
We help our partners expand their scope both in the local market & international market by building bridges between suppliers, manufacturers, and importers.
We also offer full fledge services, as we cover all supply chain and export needs. You can count on us at any stage of your business.
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From 2018 to this point, we decided to scale up the industry.
that`s why we are now responsible for supervising the supply chain operations, starting from collecting raw materials going through supervising the manufacturing stage to transportation & distribution of your final product, guaranteeing your process flow.
Simply, we can reach the highest possible quality and balance your benefit/cost equation to meet your needs.


We strive to be your partners in success with access to a large volume of exports in the Egyptian market through modern technological systems for import and export operations.


Providing the export process in an integrated and organized chain based on modern technology systems. We guarantee you high-quality and fast services at reasonable costs while working on your development in the local and international market.

What are we going to achieve?

Our Busines Goals

Our goals at LeoPort are knitted and focused, as we want to lead 20% of the Egyptian market by 2026, maximizing our exports in the next five years is also part of our plan.
But our biggest goal is to not only keep up with the latest technologies but to create them!
We want to transform our clients’ experience into a more advanced precise process and meet their needs with our customized technological tools that work on reducing costs and efforts and focus on increasing productivity and efficiency. Allowing startups to strive and compete in the local & global markets.
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Leoport’s Family

Team Members


Sayed Youssef

CEO & Founder | Architect & Tech Entrepreneur


Maged Radwan

COO | Logistics Shipping

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John Atta

CTO | Technology Architecture

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Eman Khalil

Accountant | Financial Executive

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