Manufacturing Supervision

When you start thinking of manufacturing a specific product or spare parts, you`ll find yourself searching for the best quality compared to the price, and while you receive lots of offers from different factories competing to get the deal, you still can`t guarantee the quality of the products or even control manipulation.

As we know, some manufacturers manipulate materials or change the specifications to reduce manufacturing costs which leads to lower product quality.

That`s why we are here, to help you compensate for your inability to monitor and supervise production due to lack of time & to avoid the hassle of the needed effort.

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We supervise the full manufacturing process; to ensure accuracy, material quality, conformity to agreed specifications, giving you a step-by-step update about each production phase to be fully aware and engaged in the process, which will help you ensure the complete production process.

We also understand that many stores and entrepreneurs deal with factories or manufacturing workshops to manufacture their products with detailed specifications under a contract called Private Label or in other words manufacturing for others.

And this contract is widely spread in today market, the idea is simple you depend on a third source to produce and manufacture a product in your name and according to your requirements and specifications & and then you get to display it in your shop or online store.

This can allow a smart product designer or a smart merchant to invent a product, design it, finance it, and let others manufacture it on his behalf, then the designer sells it with his name and brand.

But this also means there are some risks associated with this contract, such as delays, defects, warranty, unconformity to specifications, etc.

This contract must be written accurately and clearly with all the requirements and responsibilities. This contract must be written accurately and clearly with all the requirements and responsibilities.

In LEOPORT we help in supervising and following up the manufacturing process and networking between specialized parties such as the factory, the merchant, the designers, and the logistics services affiliated to each of these according to pre-planned.

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How is it done?

Our Process


We start with receiving a product sample or a 3D drawing of the sample to compare to the production.


The second step is to focus on the material check before the production process begins.


We start following the production phases and monitor compatibility with standards & measurements.


You will receive an up-to-date report with all the information needed about each manufacturing process's details and finalizing.


This Process includes

You will receive photos from the manufacturing process of different phases with the material used for each phase.

Videos will also cover the full manufacturing process with detailed coverage of production steps.

This report will include the number of finished products, spare parts, and completion percentage after each phase.

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Our Pricing

Pricing may vary depending on the location of the manufacturer, product type and technical details gathered.

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