About the Company


We launched Leoport in 2018 and put our efforts into developing and renewing export systems using international methods to manage export operations in local markets and international trade routes.

Our methodology at LeoPort is to work in export through the supply chain, believing that it is an integral part of the success of any organization, as it helps us to reach the highest possible quality at reasonable costs that quickly meet the needs of our customers.

We supervise the supply chain operations starting from its initial stages to the end. We supervise the raw materials through the manufacturing stage then the transportation and distribution up to the sales stage by using the best technology 4PL protocol that provides a common point of contact for our supply chain to maintain the level of integration and improvement Continuous.

We provide valuable and appropriate opportunities for small and medium companies in the local market, and we are working to improve and develop the performance of their exports to reach international markets.

Our vision

We strive to be your partners in success with access to a large volume of exports in the Egyptian market through modern technological systems for import and export operations

Our mission

Providing the export process in an integrated and organized chain based on modern technology systems. We guarantee you high quality and fast services at reasonable costs while working on your development in the local and international market.

Our goals

Our goal at LeoPort is Reaching exports within 5 years to $ 20 million from the volume of exports from the Egyptian market
Meeting the needs of customers by using the latest technologies in terms of attention to the high quality of services while providing appropriate costs and speed in responding to their needs in addition to credibility and transparency in working with them
Providing opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises and striving to develop them to compete strongly in the local and global markets
Facilitate steps to obtain all information and communicate it to importers to make decisions to purchase in bulk in a faster way

Egyptian market

Knowing that the volume of Egyptian exports in the field of industry, agriculture, and crafts equals 30 billion dollars annually, we are working in LeoPort to increase the percentage of exports in Egypt by 5% within 5 years.

Within 5 years, we aim to reach 20% of the Egyptian market share and our way to this is to provide services to small and medium companies in the local market, where we are working hard to improve and develop the performance of their exports and reach them to the target international markets.

As for importers, we are working to achieve what they aspire to, which is to obtain local production with the best possible quality with competitive prices and safe ways to buy in bulk

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